All About The Past, Present And Future Of Covvi Ltd

COVVI’s innovative engineering team set out to design and build a world-leading, highly functional bionic hand, that would make COVVI accessible to the broadest number of global users. We believe we have created a ground-breaking medical product that will provide a new level of quality and performance, utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge technology that will help change many lives forever.

Our company has a wealth of experience in prosthetic design, development, customer service and world-leading aftercare. Our objective is to apply COVVI’s revolutionary design to strive for outstanding recognition of our bionic hand, that runs in parallel with a first-class customer experience. We fully appreciate the fact that users live with these products every day; our team is extremely passionate about what we do, as we endeavor to overcome the flaws experienced in today’s market – an innovative product such as ours, supported by an engaging customer journey will ensure an enjoyable process for patients and clinicians.

Our Range Of Available Grip Patterns And Hand Poses For Covvi

The Nexus Hand is the most advanced of its kind for the intuitive default grip patterning that it offers, in addition to the grip-mapping capabilities that allows the user to input custom-made gesturing into their device with their clinician. At COVVI, we understand that and want you to get to know each of the grip patterns as if they were your closest companion.