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Covvi - About Us

Covvi’s mission is design; create and build a world leading; highly functional; accessible bionic hands to the broadest number of users globally. The current team is in the process of delivering a ground breaking medical product that will provide a new level of quality and performance whilst utilising premium materials and cutting edge design.

The bionic hands will be delivered through a decentralised hub of worldwide manufacturing centres, allowing the build, service and repair times to reduce the cost drastically. Using technology at the heart of the application will ensure users are getting the best possible outcome from their device.

Covvi has a wealth of experience in prosthetic design, development, customer service and sales. Our aim is to deliver an award winning bionic arm and a customer journey process which is second to none. We understand that users live with these products every day; our aim in to help overcome the flaws in the current market to enable the customer journey to be far more enjoyable. We understand this is a bold statement for a prosthetic product however, the deployment of a 1st class team utilising cutting edge technology in unison with market leading customer service we feel this is achievable.

We would ask that you watch this space carefully as we aim to launch a fully commercialised product by July 2019 and look forward to sharing our continued vision in order to support so many people around the world whilst making their lives so much easier.

Covvi - Visionary Team
Simon Pollard

Simon Pollard


My name is Simon Pollard, I am 42 years old, an entrepreneur, born and live in Leeds, I’ve spent the last 23 years building a number of highly successful businesses. I live and breathe business strategy and have a true passion for making sure my customers are valued which is the core ethos and one that sits at the very heart of my business principles. I am passionate and extremely tenacious in my mission to achieve and secure success as I continue to build and develop leading brands. I work across a number of diverse industries as the founder and CEO of several very exciting companies.

In 2015, I was chosen as one of the Yorkshire’s stand out business leaders by the top business journals, the Insider. The Insider’s “42 Under 42” programme recognises Yorkshire’s most dynamic and inspirational young entrepreneurs and celebrates their success in helping grow the regional economy. According to the Insider it’s a “showcase of the region’s brightest business talent, the next generation of leaders” the “ones-to-watch” are listed in the annual “42 Under 42” list.

Ted Varley

Ted Varley


I am an experienced engineer with a proven track record of product development (15 years’ experience). I have worked for a number of bluechip companies developing electromechanical solutions; Nissan, Aston Martin, and McLaren.

I joined Steeper Group Ltd. in 2009 and led the development of the award-winning Bebionic hand. I became the youngest ever board member of the 95-year old company in 2012, managing all areas of the prosthetic business, including Production, Logistics, Procurement and Quality. Creative with a commercial grounding I am a member of the External Advisory Board for the Leeds University Mechatronics & Robotics Facility and was shortlisted for Young Yorkshire Company Director of the Year in 2016. With the sale of Bebionic in 2017 to Ottobock I, along with the other engineers behind Bebionic, started our own company to further push the boundaries of what is possible within the field of prosthetics.

Martin Wallace

Martin Wallace


I am a dedicated mechanical design engineer with 10 years’ engineering experience, working in prosthetics, acute healthcare products, and space satellite technology. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds and gained a Master’s Degree in 2006, later becoming a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. I started my engineering career in the space industry working for EADS Astrium in various areas – I then moved to the healthcare industry in 2011 developing intelligent hospital ward beds for Sidhil in Halifax.

In 2014 I joined Steeper Group Ltd to lead the mechanical design of the Bebionic Small Hand. This was launched in 2015 to critical and commercial acclaim, being awarded “New Mechanical Product of the Year” in the 2015 British Engineering Excellence Awards where I was also a finalist in the category “Design Engineer of the Year”. In 2017 I joined Covvi for a chance to further develop the possibilities of bionic technologies.

I enjoy choral music, cycling, and holidays with Rachel in our self-converted VW Campervan.

Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor


I have 10 years’ post graduate experience working in a wide variety of engineering disciplines: the Automotive industry on projects for Jaguar and Land Rover; HVAC design providing temperature control units for large scale companies such as Vodaphone and London Data Exchange; and the Oil and Gas industry designing intelligent mechatronic systems to tackle gas supply issues.

I have worked in the field of bionics since 2014 where I was part of the design team that launched the Bebionic Small. I gained a Masters in Medical Engineering in 2008, a PhD in prosthetics in 2012 and Chartership from the IMechE in 2016. I am member of the External Advisory Board for the University of Sheffield Bioengineering department.

Rob Spares

Rob Spares


Having started out in traditional heavy engineering roles, an interest in modelling and simulation lead to further study and employment at AEA Technology developing fluid dynamics software. I was offered the opportunity of a research position, modelling the flow of polymer within the extrusion process at the University of Bradford. Upon completion of my PhD, further research into material characterisation and optimisation drew me away from simulation, performing a more hands-on engineering role. Continued interested in process imaging combined with commercial projects to develop medical devices required novel injection moulding toolsets, steering me towards a design-based position.

After almost 20 years, having reached the position of Research Fellow, I realised that an academic career wasn’t for me. In 2014 I joined Steeper Group Ltd. enjoying the opportunity to apply my background in materials, testing and design to a worthwhile product.

Paul Smithson

Paul Smithson


I am an experienced engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the electronics industry, working for companies in the Bio-medical, Instrumentation and surveillance industries, designing electronic circuits and writing firmware for Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers, Thermal Imaging Cameras and infrastructure CCTV systems. I was instrumental in designing the surveillance system used by Network Rail to monitor all unmanned crossings on the network.

I joined Steeper Group Ltd. in 2014 to work on the Bebionic hand and other assistive technology products. I’m creative with a strong practical approach to design, development and testing.

David McCrickard

David McCrickard


I am an Experienced engineer (+10 years) who graduated from Bradford University in 2003 in Electronic Engineering. I have worked in various small and medium-sized companies working on a variety of unique products from iPod accessories, image scalers, tensile testers, electronic looms, vibration white finger monitoring equipment and now into the medical sector with upper limb prosthetics.

Completing a wide range of full life cycle development has been challenging and rewarding. I would not have envisioned working in the medical industry on such ground-breaking products and having looked back through my career I feel privileged to have worked on such varied products and technologies and I am sure that the best is yet to come as the Covvi team now look to the future.

Zayd Ally

Zayd Ally


I am a recent graduate from the University of Liverpool and obtained a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have a keen interest in new product development and enjoy taking on new challenges and embrace change. I would describe myself as a creative individual with a proactive attitude who enjoys learning.

My passion for design grew in school where I spent a lot of time in Design and Technology workshops. At University, I learned about various aspects of engineering that helped me develop a technical understanding to support my creative ideas.

In my spare time, I enjoy practicing martial arts and free-lancing graphic design. I am eager to enhance my skills and strengths amongst a team of experts in the field of prosthetic design.




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