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World's Leading Manufacturer Of Upper-Limb Prosthetics | COVVI Ltd

World-Leading Bionic Hand

What Defines Us? – With over 75 years of combined experience in prosthetic design; COVVI’s dedicated team has spent the last five years creating a world-leading, multi-articulated bionic hand that is both highly functional and accessible. Our visionary team is proud to have delivered a ground-breaking device that establishes a new level of quality and performance by utilising premium materials and cutting-edge design.

Our users, clinicians and distributors are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we are passionate about delivering a first-class customer experience wherever we can. We aim to overcome the current market’s shortcomings and create a device that is the preferred choice for upper-body prosthetic users around the world. We have already been recognised for our work with multiple international awards, and we are honoured to continue our work and help to make a real positive change in the lives of our users.


In The Media

An Overview of COVVI

COVVI is a portmanteau of the Latin ‘Coperor’ and ‘Vita’, translating as ‘Working Together’ and ‘life’, respectively. The two ‘V’s represent multiple lives changed, in other words, COVVI was conceived to change multiple lives by working together.

The team is very excited to show the prosthetics world what is possible when you put your mind to it, we have worked incredibly hard over the last 5 years and believe our prosthetic hand is a game-changer. We have prepared this short video to give you an insight into the business, what it is capable of and how it’s grown since 2017.

Sarah Herron Joins The COVVI Advocate Line-up

As an award-winning art director and founder of SheLift, Sarah Herron is internationally recognised for her adventures on social media and for appearing on ‘The Bachelor’ in 2013. After 25 years without a prosthesis, the soon-to-be mother has seen the value of having a second hand for everyday tasks.

She found her previous myoelectric arm to be cumbersome and frustrating, but 25 years of technological advancements have revitalised her interest in prosthetics. Now Sarah wants to share her journey to be fitted with a COVVI Hand with the limb-difference community.



COVVI Homepage

The Most Advanced Multi-Grip Bionic Hand

Now Available Via NHS England

The COVVI Hand can now be funded via the NHS for amputees in England.

Following the publication of a new NHS initiative, amputees in England can now apply to receive our prosthetic hand for free, alongside the required treatments and procedures!

Our mission has always been to improve the accessibility of prosthetics by working with health services, such as the NHS. COVVI partners with distributors all around the world, but as a company that was founded in the UK and has our manufacturing facility located in Leeds, we are honoured to be a part of this opportunity to help change lives in a real, meaningful way. Please click the button below to register your interest.

COVVI Homepage

Get In Touch With Us

COVVI prides itself on putting people first, whether you’re a prosthetic user looking to inquire about the hand, a clinician wanting to stock our device or just have a question regarding anything in the company, our Customer Service team is ready to help you with your question.

Our aim is to help unlock capabilities, better enable mobility, and empower our users with bionic technology that will make you proud to have that ‘cyborg’ status. If you’re interested in what the COVVI Hand can offer you, we’d love to hear from you!

Ryan Hudson-Peralta Gets His COVVI Hand

Motivational speaker, actor, designer and athlete; Ryan Hudson-Peralta is a congenital amputee who has recently received his very own COVVI Hand. A man of many talents, Ryan makes sure to put a positive, and often humorous, spin on life.

Ryan has embraced his new COVVI Hand and we’re so excited to have such a forward-looking individual on board to help us share the message that COVVI is here to change lives for the better; forever.

Jessica Smith: Her Journey To The COVVI Hand

Jessica Smith OAM is a former Australian Paralympic Swimmer, the COO at TOUCH Talent Management and Consultancy, a public & motivational speaker and children’s author. 

Jessica is documenting her personal journey to be fitted with a COVVI Hand, from start to finish. We hope that this video series helps others to better understand the process and procedures required to prepare for a life with a bionic hand.

World's Leading Manufacturer Of Upper-Limb Prosthetics | COVVI LtdIntroductory Advocate Stories

COVVI Go AppWorld's Leading Manufacturer Of Upper-Limb Prosthetics | COVVI Ltd

The aim of our app is to make users and clinicians’ lives easier when setting up the COVVI Hand, whether you’re using Apple or Android devices.

Our very own software team started with the primary objective of ensuring we delivered a state-of-the-art, intuitive application that would allow any clinician to configure your hand(s) without complication and the need for any additional accessories.

Our COVVI Advocates

Our advocates are the lifeblood of COVVI and to our core message of making our technology available to as many people as possible. Their inspiring stories demonstrate the potential of this technology for those with limb differences.

As we continue to grow, we will continue to work with more advocates from different backgrounds to share their journey with the hand.

User Guides

Our User Guides hub offers a wide range of supporting documents to better understand the COVVI Hand, such as our latest Technical Manual, Sales Brochure and other guides.

These files are there to help our community quickly get up to speed with the installation and all the technical details relating to COVVI’s suite of products, which include both the prosthetic device and all its accessories. We’re also ready and on-hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the COVVI Hand and its availability through our expanding global distribution network.

Support Helpdesk

We understand how frustrating it can be to run into technical issues with your prosthetic. To help bring our users closer to you, we’ve built this support helpdesk to help identify the issue you’re having and provide a direct resolution.

It can provide assistance via simple troubleshooting steps or submitting a support ticket for more bespoke support. We currently offer support for the COVVI Hand, COVVI Go App and COVVI Portal, but more categories will be added in the future.

Why Choose COVVI?

COVVI has designed its prosthetic technology around the necessity of functionality and accessibility, for both clinicians and users. The COVVI Hand boasts incredible robustness and versatility to match what’s required for everyday use, all of which is backed by software that provides an unrivalled user experience with a powerful level of customisable refinement.

In order to achieve this, we have ensured our designs are world-leading in their capability, is personalisable to every user, and can withstand the strength and speed pressures required of a hand for everyday life.

The COVVI Glove

The COVVI Hand has an integrated medical-grade silicone glove with a soft-touch coating. This provides the hand with IP44 rated dust and water resistance. The index finger is also coated to allow the user to use touch screens.

At every stage of design, we’ve thought about how prosthetics need to respond to modern day life, so we ensured that the COVVI Hand was not only compatible with these new technologies, but could actually be used to operate them at an acceptable level.

COVVI Key Features

Remote Assist Via Our App:

This feature allows our experienced team to provide real-time support to users and implement any software changes in real-time, to any hand, anywhere

Passive Flex On All Digits:

Impact protection with more overall organic movements

Integrated Flex Wrist:

3 locking positions, reduces shoulder compensation for activities such as driving or eating, which in turn reduces compensatory muscle pain

Thumb Rotation & Novel Tap System:

This activates the powered thumb rotation and can be used as a grip switch trigger without myo inputs; allowing quick access to multiple grips with no inadvertent twisting of the hand in the socket

IP44 Water Resistance:

The hand can withstand a heavy shower, meaning it’s robust enough for most daily activities

Four Different Colour Options:

The user has the choice to personalise the hand covers to their preference

Built-in E-Paper Screen:

Quickly tells users what grip and table they are in