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Awards and Achievements

COVVI prides itself on offering revolutionary prosthetic technology that’s designed around user functionality and accessibility. Our aim is to become a global leader in this field and continue to change multiple lives together forever! Since we began our journey in 2017, our team has thrived alongside our advocates, partners and users, and we want to truly recognise the commitment and hard work that has been put into making COVVI a real success.

We wanted to showcase the awards and achievements we have earned, which represent the outstanding quality of the COVVI Hand and all the auxiliary products and services surrounding it. The excellence and knowledge held by our staff drives our success each and every day, and we are so proud of every award and achievement we have received.

International Design Excellence Awards

Bronze Award for ‘Medical & Health’

New York Product Design Awards

Gold Award for ‘Healthcare – Prostheses’

European Product Design Awards

Winners of ‘Design for Humanity’ & ‘Top Design’

E&T Innovation Awards (By IET Institute)

Gold Award for ‘Most Innovative Solution in Digital Health’

Future Digital Awards (Digital Innovation)

Gold Award for ‘Best Remote Monitoring Solutions’

Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards

Winners of the ‘Technology & Digital Award’

Insider’s Made In Yorkshire Awards

Winners of ‘Medical, Life Sciences & Healthcare’

Insider’s Made In the UK Awards

Shortlisted for ‘Medical, Life Sciences & Healthcare’

Medilink Healthcare Business Awards

Shortlisted for ‘Advances In Digital Healthcare’

SME National Business Awards

Shortlisted for ‘Business Innovation’

Leeds Digital Festival Awards

Shortlisted for Tech4Good’ & ‘International Award’

Protolabs: Grants for Innovative Ideas

Cool Idea Award 2020 (with £50k R&D Grant)