The Covvi Foundation

The Covvi Foundation

The Covvi Foundation is a concept we are passionate about establishing as it will enable us to make our technology even more accessible, to children with upper-body limb differences who otherwise would go without, in the United Kingdom.

We are currently in the process of outlining a plan that includes devising a financial target to be raised that will then be able to support individual children with limb differences, from as young as three months old. We hope to gift a Covvi hand free-of-charge along with a support package that will aid them throughout their development, so they can grow with their hand, and conversely their hand will grow with them.

rostheses aren’t for everybody but by engaging with children that have a limb difference from an early age, we could enable them to play, learn and discover the world with it – as a companion that literally offers a helping hand.

Multi-articulate bionic prosthetic technology is likely to represent the future as a solution for amputees, congenital or otherwise, for those that have need of one. In this light, Covvi don’t want anybody to get left behind, especially children who would greatly benefit from having that support. We want to utilize our ground-breaking technology, which doesn’t stop at the assembly line, and continue to develop, innovate, and fundamentally work together to empower and change many lives for the better.

In December 2018, we had the privilege of being the chosen organization by Elmwood for their annual charity Christmas window display. We managed to raise over £1,500 for the future Covvi Foundation, with thanks to generous bidders snapping up a wide array of brilliant prizes donated by local Leeds businesses. Elmwood’s display was showcased in a video by BBC Radio Leeds, which can be viewed below along with several photos from the event.


Photos courtesy of Adam Garbutt from Elmwood.
Video Source: BBC Radio Leeds