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Our Mission Statement

“The COVVI design team has created and continues to develop the world-leading bionic hand, where our users and clinicians are at the forefront of everything we do. By working together, we continue to action significant changes and help benefit the lives of many users around the world.”

Simon Pollard | Our Innovative Team At The COVVI UK Office | COVVI Ltd
Simon Pollard, Group CEO
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COVVI has created a world-leading bionic hand that is both at the forefront of technology, yet reliable. Our design-led organisation has continually endeavoured to reach as many users on a global scale as possible. Our visionary team has utilised premium materials and cutting-edge design to be able to deliver a ground-breaking medical device that establishes a new level of quality and performance.

We aim to deliver an award-winning product accompanied by a customer journey that is second to none by using our combined experience of over 75 years in prosthetic design, product development, and customer service. With our users at the very heart of our mission, we understand the demand for strength, durability, and dexterity, required of a limb for everyday use.

As such, we intend to overcome the current market’s shortcomings and produce a device that becomes the desirable choice for upper-body prosthetic users around the world. A bold statement perhaps, but we are confident in our first-class team of designers and engineers’ ability to employ the latest technology in tandem with market-leading customer relations management.

What Defines Us?

COVVI is a portmanteau of the Latin ‘Coperor’ and ‘Vita’, translating as ‘working together’ and ‘life’, respectively. The two ‘v’s represent multiple lives changed. In other words, COVVI was conceived to change many lives by working together – within our team and stakeholders, with clinicians worldwide, and with our users.

Working tirelessly since 2017, our design team has successfully created and developed the COVVI Hand. This was achieved, all whilst travelling the world to meet amazing people that have helped us considerably by providing a unique insight we were unable to discover alone. The original BeBionic team yielded a market-leading product that helped many people. But taking a step back, they also witnessed how much of a transformation the accessibility, function and customer service side of upper-limb prosthetics needed.

We have done our utmost to improve the experience of our users so they didn’t have to wait weeks for expensive repairs; but we ultimately realised that a completely new approach was essential. We believe Bionic hands need to be easier and simpler to build and repair and this needs to happen in much closer proximity to the end-user. As we observed that such products were becoming increasingly complex and in some cases even unnecessarily so; this pushed us closer to change.

Here at COVVI, we want to focus purely on functionality and get away from the arms race of gimmicks and bolt-ons. Developing a product that is unparalleled but also premium for everyone who needs or wants it is something we aren’t prepared to compromise on.

The sale of BeBionic from Steeper to Ottobock, gave the team the opportunity to implement this vision with a new challenger brand in the global market. The brilliant operational and design expertise was retained from the BeBionic project and allowed us to design the ultimate prosthetic hand. The centre of this project has always revolved around performance, affordability, repairability, and aesthetic appeal; things we hold to the highest standard.

We are very excited to show the prosthetics world what is possible when you put your mind to it, the team have worked incredibly hard over the last several years and believe that we are a game-changer.