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COVVI x Coapt

Coapt Myo Pattern Recognition - Arm System With COVVI HandCoapt is the maker of Complete Control advanced pattern recognition myoelectric control technology for upper limb prosthetics, such as the COVVI Hand. Their re-engineered Gen2 controller kit unleashes an unprecedented level of personal, intuitive control, making prostheses function more intuitive for those with upper limb amputation or a congenital limb difference.

Most upper limb myoelectric-controlled prosthesis components on the market today can be integrated with this controller kit. From wrist disarticulation to forequarter limb differences, Coapt Complete Control provides users with an add-on system that gives them the capability to personalise their control, using their personal muscle movements. Complete Control doesn’t require users to be as precise as other forms of robot prosthetics controllers. Their prostheses, therefore, feel more like an extension of their bodies, rather than a machine that requires carefully practised inputs.

Complete Control Gen2 System Controller

Gen2 Handheld Evaluation Unit

Myo Pattern Recognition Startup Guide

Our handy startup guide shows you how the Coapt Complete Control can be utilised for seamless pattern recognition with the COVVI Hand, with step-by-step instructions on how to configure the device and apps for optimal use.

The main advantage of pairing the COVVI Hand with Coapt is that users have access to our 10+ trigger switches that can be used flawlessly alongside Coapt pattern recognition.

COVVI x Coapt Packages

Introducing the ‘COVVI x Coapt Package Configurator’ which enables clinicians to customise and create a complete solution that best suits their patient’s unique requirements. This collaboration allows clinicians to package COVVI’s innovative bionic technology with Coapt’s advanced pattern recognition system under a single transparent product code, at a highly competitive price.