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Complete Control Gen2 System Controller

Coapt Myo Pattern Recognition - Arm System With COVVI Hand

Just like fingerprints or the iris of an eye, coordinated muscle signals are unique patterns of biometric information. Each arm movement attempt produces a different pattern of muscle activity. Coapt’s pattern recognition system decodes these signal patterns in real-time, giving users complete control of their prostheses.

Depending on your user’s residual limb, different configurations may be needed to ensure that full functionality is achieved with the correct type of EMG. Use the Compatibility Tool linked below for reference when completing our Package Builder form.

To request a trial Coapt Complete Control Gen2 system (STG2), please contact our Customer Service team ( for further information

Inside The Complete Control Kit

The Complete Control System Gen2 Kit contains the following components:

Complete Control Gen2 System Controller

Additional Specifications

Width: 2.37 in. (60.3 mm)
Height: 0.31 in. (8 mm)
Length: 2.05 in. (50.2 mm)

Gen2 Evaluation Unit

The Evaluation Kit revolutionises the way muscles’ bioelectrical activity signals are analysed, recorded, and used for prostheses control

Coapt Startup Guide

Our handy startup guide shows you how the Coapt Complete Control can be utilised for seamless pattern recognition with the COVVI Hand

COVVI x Coapt Packages

Our package builder will allow clinicians to customise and create a complete solution that best suits their patient’s unique needs.