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Gen2 Handheld Evaluation Unit

Coapt Myo Pattern Recognition - Arm System With COVVI HandThe Coapt Evaluation Kit is a handheld clinical tool created with technology from the Coapt Complete Control System Gen2. Complete Control employs pattern recognition technology to revolutionise the way muscles’ bioelectrical activity (electromyogram, EMG) signals are analysed, recorded, and used for the control of upper limb prostheses.

The Evaluation Kit allows for the visualisation and evaluation of myoelectric signals generated from muscle contractions. The Evaluation Kit also permits virtual practice and training for pattern recognition myoelectric control.

To request a loaner or trial Gen2 Handheld Evaluation Kit, please contact our Customer Service team ( for further information.

Key Features

  • Allows upper limb prosthesis users to “test drive” Coapt Complete Control myoelectric pattern recognition technology. Permits visualisation of EMG control signals and enables control of a virtual prosthetic arm in real-time.

  • Can also be used as a training tool to assist users in enhancing their function with pattern recognition myoelectric control. Assists with determining the location of electrodes in the socket

Additional Specifications

Width: 2.34 in. (59.51 mm)
Height: 0.87 in. (22.1 mm)
Length: 3.27 in. (83.11 mm)

The Handheld Evaluation Unit (HHG2) requires the purchase of one or more EMG options. For further information on ordering this component, please contact our Customer Services team:

Gen2 System Controller

Coapt’s pattern recognition system decodes unique muscle signals in real-time, giving users complete control of their prostheses.

Coapt Startup Guide

Our handy startup guide shows you how the Coapt Complete Control can be utilised for seamless pattern recognition with the COVVI Hand

COVVI x Coapt Packages

Our package builder will allow clinicians to customise and create a complete solution that best suits their patient’s unique needs.