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Coapt Package Configurator

Package Configurator

COVVI x Coapt Package Configurator

Coapt Package Configurator

Our ‘COVVI x Coapt Package Configurator’ enables qualified clinicians to customise and create a complete solution that best matches their patient’s unique requirements. This configurator tool allows clinicians to package COVVI’s world-leading multi-articulating hand with Coapt’s advanced pattern recognition system using our new streamlined and initiative platform.

Completion of this ordering form will generate a list of the necessary product codes that should be ordered from COVVI to assemble the required prosthetic solution. Our Customer Service team will be notified upon submission of this package configuration form and will be in touch to provide any guidance or answer any queries you may have regarding this technology from COVVI and Coapt.

Please note, the ‘Package Configurator’ form should be completed for purchase only. Should you wish to request for loaner or trial components, then please contact Customer Service for further information.