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Cosmetic Glove Configurator Order Form

Our ‘High-Definition Cosmetic Glove Configurator Order Form’ enables qualified clinicians to customise and create an advanced solution that best matches their patient’s unique requirements. This configurator tool allows clinicians to submit an order for a high-definition cosmetic glove for the world’s leading multi-articulating hand, complete with ultra-realistic elements such as veins, hairs, nail detail and even tattoos!

Completion of our streamlined ordering form, both parties will receive an email with all the details you submit below, which will allow COVVI to assemble the required prosthetic glove solution. Our Customer Service team will be notified upon submission of this package configuration form and will be in touch to provide any guidance or answer any queries you may have regarding this technology from COVVI.

Please note, in order to complete this form you will need to use the COVVI High-Definition Colour Match System. Please contact Customer Service via our Contact page if you have not yet received this. You will also need to print, complete and scan our downloadable dorsal and palmar reference guides as well. Please click the following links to download these documents:

Click here to download our Cosmetic Glove Colour Reference Guide