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Ashley Young

Ashley is a congenital amputee, missing the lower part of her right arm.

This is her journey with the COVVI Hand.

Ashley Young, COVVI Advocate

As a congenital amputee missing the lower part of my right arm, I’ve always had the mindset that “I can do anything with only one hand”, and while that is true for the most part, I went through 21 years of my life without the help of a prosthetic arm.

As I aged, I noticed that my left side slowly began to succumb to chronic pain due to overuse. I then looked into the idea of having a bionic arm to help me as a tool for giving my left side a break and distributing the work in my body.

I first started using the COVVI Hand around two years ago now and have found the design unique and aesthetically beautiful to look at, but also equally as functional. The response time of the hand from signal to movement is impressively quick to make me feel like the hand is more in tuned with my body.

One of my favourite features is the quick rotation of grips and the ability to see it in real time on the screen, so you’re 100% sure about what grip you’re in. It makes it easy to pick and choose what you need for specific tasks.

Another task the hand helps me with specifically is pushing my baby in the pram! For me, I find it difficult to do literally anything else when I’m taking my daughter for a walk. Using the COVVI Hand to push the pram, I can then free up my left side to drink a coffee, look at directions, and grab things out of the backpack without missing a beat! The flexible wrist also ensures that I have a large range of motion, giving me endless possibilities. 

Aside from the function of the hand, out of all the hands I’ve seen, I think the COVVI Hand is stunning in its design. The customisable panels make sure that I can match it to whatever I want. As a fashion model, this is especially important to me. I’m really in love with futuristic and cyber aesthetics, so the hand is really close to my heart. 

Ashley Young, COVVI Advocate

“The things I struggle with the most as a person with a limb difference is a lot of daily tasks that put my body in strange positions to accomplish.

For example, blow-drying my hair. With the COVVI Hand, I’m able to pop it right on and hold the hair dryer in the precise location I need it to be in, in order to then use my left arm to brush it straight at the same time. Whereas before I would need to flip my hair upside-down in order to get this done and end up with a sore neck.”

Ashley Young, COVVI Advocate

Her COVVI journey is only just beginning.

Additional photography by Lorenzo Guerrieri / @LorenzoImages and makeup by @JessBassMakeup