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Stephen Lowry

Stephen became the first man in Northern Ireland to receive a bionic hand, which transformed his life after losing his right hand in a nightclub bomb attack in 1985.

This is his journey with the COVVI Hand.

Stephen Lowry | Our Incredible COVVI Advocates

Having worn various myoelectric hands throughout my life, each with their own benefits,  I’ve found that COVVI stands out amongst the rest by finally taking all these features and combining them into a single device – The COVVI Hand.

Using this hand was a game-changer for me, from working through my daily routine to keeping up with my hobbies, I feel confident that I can keep the same hand on all day and have it tackle all the tasks I throw at it.

The COVVI Hand is incredibly versatile and perfectly fits my needs with its speed, agility, strength and durability. The fact it can also stand up to various weather conditions makes me confident in knowing that I can wear the hand out in the rain and it’ll continue working.

Having used the COVVI Hand from March 2020, I would thoroughly recommend it as it’s enabled me to live my life to the fullest.

The COVVI Hand has turned everyday tasks, which were awkward before, into a very simple job.

Now everything from using a stainless steel knife to tying laces, driving and yes, even a bit of cooking is made much easier and simpler with the variety of robust grip patterns on offer.

Stephen Lowry | Our Incredible COVVI Advocates

His COVVI journey is only just beginning.

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