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World's Leading Manufacturer Of Upper-Limb Prosthetics | COVVI Ltd

Our Innovative Control Centre

Everything you need to configure the COVVI Hand is housed within the COVVI Go App, which is compatible with iOS version 12.0+ and Android version 10.0+.

We have designed our App to support both clinicians and users through every step of their journey with a COVVI Hand, ensuring it’s an intuitive platform that makes programming easy and logical and allows users to configure their hand to best suit their daily activities and lifestyle, so they can make sure that they’re getting the most out of it.

World's Leading Manufacturer Of Upper-Limb Prosthetics | COVVI Ltd

Benefits of COVVI Go

This software operates across both tablets and smartphone platforms and is accessible via both Apple and Android devices.

COVVI Go is the control centre for the COVVI Hand; it allows you to programme different grips and gestures for different activities of daily living, ensuring you get the most from your COVVI Hand.

There is also a virtual mode which allows you to demo the App without connecting to a COVVI hand to see how the App works.

Input Settings

The Input Settings allow you to map the speed of the hand to the signals you produce, maximising the performance of your COVVI hand and ensuring you can comfortably operate it prior to programming the grip tables and grip switch triggers.


Grip Patterns and Triggers

There are over 24 grips available to programme which are a mixture of functional grips and gestures to enhance communication in everyday social interactions, all designed to help you go about your daily life. These grips can be divided into 4 tables, each of which can have 6 grips programmed at once. You can separate the grips according to the activities you perform daily, such as one table for grips used at home, and another for grips used when at work.

Once the grips have been programmed you can choose the switching methods to cycle through the different grips or change between the different tables.

Remote Updates

To continuously improve the COVVI Hand, an integrated update feature runs on the device to add new features and apply bug fixes. These updates can be performed remotely and do not require the hand to be sent back to our office.

We also offer support via our Remote Assist feature for users around the world. A COVVI representative or an accredited clinician can download diagnostic information gathered from the hand and help with configuring the settings to best suit your needs in real-time!


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