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The COVVI Hand

The Exclusive and Innovative Features Of Your COVVI Hand | COVVI LtdIn this section, we will guide you through the key components of the COVVI Hand and its associated products including the battery system and electrodes. We have provided technical summaries for the benefit of curious clinicians, for users who want to understand their device better, and for everyone else to see for themselves what sets COVVI apart.

We also get into the specific features of the hand itself including the wrist system, thumb design and the hand covers that you can choose from.

As COVVI continues to evolve with our ongoing research and development, we’ll make sure to keep this page regularly updated with new information on features and design changes. Keep checking in with us on this page to ensure you know about the latest iterations COVVI has to offer.

Product Overview

The COVVI team are highly experienced in the prosthetics field and have collaborated throughout, to put into practice the lessons learned from preceding designs.

It has a three-way digit control system, in addition to an in-built E-Paper screen that can display notifications, troubleshooting issues, and training information during set-up.

Key Features

COVVI has designed its prosthetic technology around the necessity of functionality and accessibility, for both clinicians and users. In order to achieve this, we have ensured our designs are world-leading in their capability, are personalisable to each and every user, can withstand the strength and speed pressures required of a hand for everyday life, and most importantly are easy to use.

Grip Patterns

The COVVI Hand is the most advanced of its kind for the intuitive default grip patterning that it offers in addition to the grip-mapping capabilities that allows the user to input custom-made gesturing into their device with their clinician. Hands are tools people often take for granted, but they are capable of so much!

At COVVI, we understand that and want you to get to know each of the grip patterns as if they were your closest companion.

The Advantage Kit

In addition to the standard COVVI Hand, we also offer an all-inclusive ‘Advantage Kit’ which comes with everything needed to get you up and running with your COVVI prosthetic device. The Advantage Kit offers a supplementary package that includes two electrodes and their associated cables, a power supply module, control panel, lamination ring, wall charger and more.

Is It Right For You?

COVVI appreciates that limb difference literally comes in all shapes and sizes, and we understand the different experiences and relationships you may have with it. No matter what you decide is right for you, COVVI wants to be there for support should you need it. We like to think that at COVVI we represent the future and want to empower our users, both through technology and in a way that speaks to their personalities. 

Image Gallery

We love sharing pictures of COVVI’s ongoing journey, of which the end-destination is transforming the lives of many. We believe that anything is possible and hope to demonstrate here how excited we are about the future as vision becomes a reality. That being said we delight in being able to share our story: with photographs, renders and graphics to show off COVVI’s major developmental milestones as well as the bits in between.

Get In Touch

COVVI prides itself on putting people first, whether you’re a clinician or prospective partner, a current prosthetic user or an inquisitive individual with an upper-limb difference – even those simply curious about the technology (we don’t blame you), we are here for you!

You can find us via our social media channels managed by our highly responsive communications team, or if you have a specific query regarding:

  • Device repairs and support
  • Interest in becoming a COVVI ambassador
  • How to get a COVVI prosthetic device
  • Press enquiries

Have we sparked your curiosity? Get in touch with us via our contact page to find out more.