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The Advantage Kit

In addition to the standard COVVI Hand, we also offer an all-inclusive ‘Advantage Kit’ which comes with everything needed to get you up and running with your COVVI prosthetic device. The Advantage Kit offers a supplementary package that includes two electrodes and their associated cables, a power supply module, control panel, lamination ring, wall charger and more.

All of the components within the Advantage Kit have been designed in-house by our engineering team and work specifically with the COVVI Hand in order to deliver maximum efficiency from the device. This allows the clinicians and users alike to ensure that the new, COVVI Hand can be set up straight out of the box! We also offer most of these components in various lengths, sizes and outputs to suit your specific needs.

What’s In The Box?

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The Advantage Kit

The Electrodes

At COVVI, we understand the need for clear and consistent signalling to control advanced prosthetic devices; this all starts with the electrode. The electrodes sit on the surface of the skin and pick up signals as low as 10 microvolts in the remnant limb, amplify this and then send this to the hand. Our electrodes also use biocompatible titanium contacts, ensuring a comfortable, skin-friendly and flexible upper surface, in addition to a notch filter to reduce interference.

Conventionally the system has two electrodes, one mapped to open, one mapped to closed. Each of the electrodes has gain adjustment, but also an internal calibration process to ensure the signals from COVVI electrodes are highly consistent. In addition to responsiveness, socket comfort is of paramount importance. To aid this the COVVI electrode has two mounting methods included in the pack.

This electrode is also compatible with prosthetic devices from most major manufacturers, including BeBionic, iLimb and Taska. The COVVI electrodes are highly sensitive and therefore need to be filtered for the frequency of the mains power supply in the relevant region. We offer both 50Hz (CEL-50) and 60Hz (CEL-60) with the Advantage Kit.

Electrodes | The Advantage Kit: Our All-Inclusive Starter Pack

The Power Supply

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The Advantage Kit
The Advantage Kit

Powering The COVVI Hand

At COVVI we know that keeping prosthetic devices charged throughout the day can be a challenge, we also understand the fatigue caused by carrying large bulky battery systems all day. We have coupled our Power Supply with some extremely slim batteries which fit within the socket avoiding visible lumps on the outer socket.

With a system weight of 84 grams, we have market-leading power density which will keep the user powered up all day, but if they do find themselves running short on power, they have the convenience of USB-C charging on the go. The COVVI Power Supply is even splash-resistant and tested to IP44.

We also offer a high-capacity version which is based on 2 cylindrical cells delivering 2600mAh with a system weight of 130 grams. This system is ideal for users who have a short residual limb. The low weight version of the Power Supply is 1 battery with 4 individual cells joined by a web which allows the system to follow the contours of the inside surface of the prosthetic socket. This system is ideal for users with a long, residual limb.

The Control Panel

Another crucial component of our power supply system is our Control Panel, which has been designed to be incredibly compact, while also boosted a wide range of useful features. This includes a USB-C charge socket, on/off button, and a screen to provide accurate power levels and other information.

Our system only uses the two batteries, which connect directly to the Control Panel without the need for an internal connecter. This innovative setup also ensures that the total weight has been kept as low as possible.

The Control Panel | The Advantage Kit: Our All-Inclusive Starter Pack