Covvi Connect

Covvi Connect

Covvi Connect has been designed to make users and clinicians’ lives much easier in the process of setting up a bionic prosthesis. The primary objective when designing this app was user-friendliness and simplicity – no dongles, no CDs, or any other unnecessary extras that are just not needed. Covvi Connect can be downloaded within a matter of seconds and it’s ready to go straight away! As a bonus this software operates across both tablets and smartphone platforms, giving users quick access at any time and saving the hassle of having to set up multiple accounts.

There are a number of really handy features that will help rapidly cut down the amount of time required to get started, so users can focus on adjusting to their new prosthesis. Among these are ‘The Configurator’: an all-encompassing area for clinician account creation which displays all the patients they have registered with a Covvi device in one place, facilitated by using Bluetooth LE technology.

Our Covvi Connect app is basically the manual control center for the Covvi hand and from here it can do everything from managing electrode settings and grip switch triggers, to measuring input and troubleshooting in the event of potential faults. It allows users to check details about their hand, change grips on the go and update to the latest firmware. We are very careful to ensure the app doesn’t replace good design, only to add functionality where it has true value. For potential users we also have a virtual Covvi hand, allowing users to try out control strategies, grips and switching modes.

For the full guide on how to use Covvi Connect and its features you can view the presentation below:

If the presentation isn’t displaying correctly, you can download a PDF version by clicking here.