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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the COVVI Hand compatible with other prosthetic devices?

Yes, many of the components offered by other prosthetics manufacturers are compatible with the COVVI Hand. Here is our compatibility chart.

Electrodes Ottobock, Steeper, Ossur, IBT
Batteries Ottobock, Steeper (S-Charge System), Ossur (2000mAh), IBT
Elbow Dynamic Arm (With an analog adaptor), Espire Elbow, Utah Arm (In Testing)
Wrists Ottobock, Motion Control
Lamination Rings Ottobock, Steeper
COAPT Motion Control Wrist Rotator and Espire Elbow must be used

Do I need TMR to use a COVVI Hand?

No, it is not necessary to have had TMR.

How old do I need to be to wear a COVVI Hand?

The hand is suitable for most adults and adolescents. Due to the size and weight of the device, we’d recommend the hand for most people over the age of 13, although our current youngest user is 11 years old. Suitability for younger users is left to the clinician and patient’s discretion.

I am missing some of my fingers or am paralysed in my arm, can I use the COVVI Hand?

If you still have your palm, thumb or any of your fingers, then you won’t be able to use the COVVI Hand as it’s a complete bionic hand. There are partial hand prostheses available that will be more suitable for you which may be available through our partnered distributors.

How much does the COVVI Hand cost?

We’re not able to provide a price as this is entirely dependent on your current situation, such as what treatment you require to prepare your body for a prosthetic and which country you live in. Please send us an enquiry so our Customer Services team can provide a more accurate estimate:

Do you have any plans to make legs?

Unfortunately, we don’t at the moment. We only have one product at this moment in time and are fully committed to developing and manufacturing the COVVI Hand.

How can I buy a COVVI Hand?

Please complete the enquiry form via our Contact page. This will pass all the necessary information to our Customer Service team, who will be in touch with the next steps needed to get a COVVI Hand:

Does the COVVI Hand work with COAPT?

Yes, the COVVI Hand is COAPT compatible.

How do I configure the COVVI Hand with COAPT?

To configure the hand, in the COVVI Go App in the Setup Wizard or Advanced Configuration, you need to delete all grips from the grip tables apart from the primary grip (the App won’t let you delete this grip) and map all grip switch triggers to trigger off. If you did this in the Setup Wizard you need t save your changes before they will be sent to the hand. Then you do the rest of the configuration in the COAPT software.

If you would like to use a wrist rotator or elbow as well as COAPT, it has to be the Motion Control wrist rotator and Espire elbow.

How can I create an account for the App?

Please fill out the App Registration form in the COVVI Go App section on our website:

How can I reset my password for the App?

Please go to our dedicated Portal to reset your password:

Can I use the COVVI Go App on my computer?

The COVVI Go App can only be used on a compatible smartphone, tablet or iPad.

I can’t connect to the hand, what do I do?

Please turn the hand off and on again as it may be that Bluetooth has been deactivated. It only stays activated for 60 seconds.

If this still doesn’t bring up the serial number in the App, you can click on the console option in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then click on Reset Bluetooth Settings. This will erase the BLE cache and reset the Bluetooth channels.

There is also the option to hold the dorsal button for 10 seconds, you will see ‘RESET?’ appear, keep holding it down until the start-up screen appears on the COVVI Hand. This will have reset the Bluetooth communication channels.

How do I reset the hand?

When you are logged into the App there is a console option below in the Config Overview section. Click on this and then Reset Parameters. Choose the hand parameters you would like to reset to default.

Can I change the glove?

Only COVVI personnel and clinicians can change the glove but it is dependent on clinician preference and if you have the correct tools. We provide instructions for clinicians to follow in their offices.

Watch the COVVI Glove fitting tutorial

How can I register for the App?

Within the COVVI Go App section of the menu, there is a Register Your Interest option. This will take you to a form that you can fill in so we can send you a link to register with our portal which in turn gives you access to the App.

Can I use a cosmetic glove with the hand?

As the hand already requires the use of an integrated glove, users should not wear any additional gloves with the COVVI Hand. Cosmetic gloves restrict the movement of the hand, resulting in lower battery life, reduced grip strength and an increased internal temperature.

A majority of users welcome the novel and customisable aesthetics the hand has. We chose this radical route with the COVVI Hand’s aesthetics to allow users the option to choose a colour scheme that is bested suited to their preference, making sure it is a device they are proud to wear.

What L-Codes do you recommend?

L6880 Elec hand
L6621 Flex/ext wrist
L6629 Lamination collar
L6935 BE myo socket
L6890 Prefab glove

How big is the COVVI Hand?

COVVI Hand Size Comparision Chart | COVVI Ltd

What is the glove warranty?

3 months.