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Is It Right For You?

Your Limb, Your Choice

COVVI appreciates that limb difference literally comes in all shapes and sizes, and we understand the differing experiences and relationships you may have with it. No matter what you decide is right for you, COVVI wants to be there for support should you need it.

None Prosthetic User | Is Our COVVI Hand The Right Option For You? | COVVI LtdNo Prosthetic

There are plenty of people out there in the world, whether born with a limb difference or as a long-standing amputee, that have adapted without the need for a titanium attachment. The no-prosthetic gang work with what they do have and view their limb difference as part of who they are, living life with as much vivacity as anyone else.

We applaud and have great respect for individuals who prefer not to wear prostheses, in their strength and in their abilities.

Body Prosthetic User | Is Our COVVI Hand The Right Option For You? | COVVI Ltd

Body-Powered Prosthetic

Usually, the first step from a superficial or lifelike prosthesis is of the mechanically operated variety, with an open and close claw-grip hook. They use a system of cables and are controlled by simple arm movements (such as by lifting or straightening).

Often body-powered prostheses come with a chest harness that keeps it in place and ensures smooth action of the hand. These are often prescribed prior to moving up to myoelectric devices as they are very simple mobility aids that don’t require charging or additional parts, such as electrodes or batteries.

Simple Clamp Prosthetic User | Is Our COVVI Hand The Right Option For You? | COVVI Ltd

Single/Clamp Grip Hand

Single or clamp grip bionic hands are often the starting option for young children with limb differences and is the usual provision of state-funded healthcare in many countries. This more basic prosthetic option, usually with a skin-tone appearance, does more than a basic prosthesis or hook as there is some motor control: usually operated by electrodes, this type allows users to grip or pinch.

Although limited in its functionality, these hands are great for people without access to more premium options or for those who are wanting to explore the utilisation of myoelectric-controlled prostheses.

Multi-Prosthetic User | Is Our COVVI Hand The Right Option For You? | COVVI Ltd

Multi-Articulated Hand

Multi-articulated bionic hands are considered to be top-of-the-range as they have multiple grip controls and are generally much more motion-intuitive than single or clamp control versions. They are often premium in price, performance and in their appearance, and although at COVVI we consider our prosthesis to be top-of-the-range, we consider accessibility and well as functionality to be of fundamental importance.

Therefore, we have combined our business, engineering and healthcare understanding to deliver a product that is as advanced as it can possibly be, whilst keeping the cost as reasonable as we can.

Cyborgs are The Future

We like to think that at COVVI we represent the future and want to empower our users: not only in equipping them with the latest upper-body prosthetic tech but also with something that users can customise in a way that speaks to their personality. Something that is undeniably them. COVVI wants to be part of the change that moves away from humanoid realism and move towards a new generation of cyborgs who proudly wield their prosthetics as emblems of innovation.

Brand Loyalty

A lot of prosthetic users may already have a multi-articulated bionic hand and are likely to be very attached to them. We at COVVI understand that as your prosthetic becomes a part of your body, it’s natural to come to trust the brand that made your hand a reality for you. However, if you are curious about what makes COVVI different and would like to give us a try, please do get in touch with us because we would love to hear from you!