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Key Features of The COVVI Hand

COVVI has designed its prosthetic technology around the necessity of functionality and accessibility, for both clinicians and users. The COVVI Hand boasts incredible robustness and versatility to match what’s required for everyday use, all of which is backed by software that provides an unrivalled user experience with a powerful level of customisable refinement.

In order to achieve this, we have ensured our designs are world-leading in their capability, are personalisable to each and every user, can withstand the strength and speed pressures required of a hand for everyday life, and most importantly are easy to use.

Key Features

Robust Versatility

In addition to the tough exterior materials (Silicone and High-Strength Polymers) used to protect the internal components, the strength and speed capabilities of the COVVI Hand are on par with market leaders.

By bringing our devices much more in line with the amount of endurance required for everyday use, we provide a much more useful experience for our users.

Ease Of Use

Having a bionic hand that works as close to a human one as possible goes a long way in making it easy to use.

The COVVI Hand has been developed so that prosthetics users no longer need to compromise between dexterity and grip strength. The hand can also be charged quickly and efficiently via USB-C!

Key Features
Key Features

Passively Flexing Fingers and Thumb

There’s no need for external Bluetooth, gyro or RFID triggers with our COVVI Hand, as it is loaded with switching options to give users fast access to a multitude of grips.

Our digits are spring-loaded to provide impact protection and reduce the likelihood of damage, as well as being manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium for increased strength and durability.

Integrated Flex Wrist

The COVVI Hand has a built-in flex wrist with a range of +/- 30° featuring a simple push/push lock. This operates using passive spring-loaded technology for natural and fluid usage, as well as helping to reduce strain on the user’s shoulder. This component is integrated with every size of the COVVI Hand.

This system works like a ballpoint pen – simple and quick. The free-flex capabilities also allow for more natural use without additional myo-inputs.

Key Features
Key Features

Intuitive Thumb Control

Our powered thumb grip and rotation has both novel and intuitive switching. Alternatively, the dynamic mode uses both thumb motors simultaneously which gives direct access to opposed and unopposed grips.

We’ve designed the rotation pivot using 12.5mm stainless steel for increased strength, more than double that of the Bebionic’s 6mm aluminium pivot! Powered rotation is also available and can be mapped to myo-inputs, which makes it an excellent option for bilateral users too.

Water & Dust Resistant

The COVVI Glove is made from medical-grade silicone with a soft-touch coating and boasts thicker integrated fingertip pads, which improves the life of the glove. Our IP44 rating ensures that the hand is protected against foreign objects larger than 1mm, as well as liquids to make it ‘splash proof’.

Our polycarbonate covers provide another layer of protection and increase its durability, as they’re painted on the inside. Both the glove and covers are easily replaceable in a clinic, with the whole process being both quick and inexpensive.

Key Features
Key Features

Innovative Technical Support

COVVI is the first company in the industry to offer remote firmware updates, which can provide new features and bug fixes directly to the user’s hand without the need to go to a clinician, with it only taking about 15-20 minutes to perform a full update.

Users can also request specific features, which can be sent back to them as a custom firmware update.

E-Paper Screen

The integrated and fully customisable e-paper screen allows the user to display important information, such as the current grip pattern, battery life and system notifications. There is also vital diagnosis data for the clinician too – very useful for mode identification, training and fault diagnosis.

The e-ink display requires no power during normal use of the hand, and only a minimal amount of charge to switch between displays.

Key Features