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Employee Feedback Survey: April 2024

Employee Feedback Survey: April 2024

Dear Team,

In our efforts to ensure that COVVI is the best it can be, not just for our users and partners, but also for the staff that help us to operate at every level; we have created this feedback form to help us drive the business forward in the right ways.

Submissions for this form are completely anonymous, and we encourage honest and open feedback that will help us to better reflect on where we are as a company and plan for the future. We hope that everyone on our team comes away every day feeling inspired, challenged and a valued member of the business.

Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback,
The COVVI Management Team

Employee Feedback Survey - April 2024

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About You

Please note that '1' is the lowest score and '10' is the highest
Please note that '1' is the lowest score and '10' is the highest
Do you feel valued at work?*

About Your Role

I have the tools and resources I need to do my job well*
Most days, I see positive results because of my work*
My work is valued by the organisation*
My work is challenging, stimulating and rewarding*

Your Team

The people I work with take accountability and ownership for results*
The people I work with treat me with respect*
My coworkers and I openly talk about what needs to be done to be more effective*

My Supervisor

My supervisor helps me understand how my work is important to the organisation*
My supervisor is approachable and easy to talk to*
My supervisor creates a motivating and energising workplace*
My supervisor sets high expectations for our teams performance*

My Company

The vision and goals of the company are important to me personally*
The company provides attractive opportunities for training and development*
There are opportunities for my own advancement in the company*
My opinions are sought on issues that affect me and my job*
The company cares about employees*
I would recommend the company as a great place to work*
I want to work here for a long time*
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