Key Features

Key Features

COVVI has designed its prosthetic technology around the necessity of functionality and accessibility, for both clinicians and patients. In order to achieve this, we have ensured our designs are world-leading in their capability, are personalizable to each and every user, can withstand the strength and speed pressures required of a hand for everyday life, and most importantly are easy to use.

Leading Technology

The Nexus Hand features a couple of capabilities that are ground-breaking in the bionic technology field. These include intuitive thumb control, so you can say goodbye to manual hand-whacking! It operates according to the grip patterns that have been programmed into the device (learn more about COVVI grip patterns here).

We also endeavor to equip all our hands with a built-in flex wrist that allows users to tilt their hands back when necessary. Both of these elements, along with everything you’d expect from a multi-articulated hand, are compacted into a super-lightweight design so users needn’t worry about it holding them back.


In addition to the tough exterior materials (neoprene and high-density polymers) used to protect the internal components, the strength and speed capabilities of the Nexus Hand are on par with market leaders within prosthetics, and intend to develop these further alongside new innovations, and according to user needs.

By bringing our devices much more in line with the amount of endurance required for everyday use, and accounting for our very human clumsy glitches, we provide a much more useful experience for our users, who are as much susceptible to butterfingers with digits made of titanium as those made of skin and bone.

Ease Of Use

Having a bionic hand that works as close to a human one as possible goes a long way in making it easy to use, but the Nexus Hand also has a number of additional features that will tighten the bond you share with your device. An in-built E-Paper screen allows users to see the status of their hand, including power levels and any troubleshooting issues that arise.

In the event of a fault occurring with the device, the internal diagnostics software will issue a notification to the hand itself and to the COVVI Go App, as well as an email to all parties; for the benefit of users, their clinicians and local COVVI technical support. That way, everyone is on the same wavelength and can work to repair or replace device components quickly and effectively – the same way you’d expect your phone to be repaired. And on that note, your hand can charge via USB-C! Now that’s what we call, ease of use.