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Thanks for taking the time out and visiting our website through our collaboration with OTWorld. If you are interested in becoming a worldwide distributor or associated clinician for COVVI, then we are interested to hear from you.

COVVI is a design-led organization that set out to create a world-leading bionic hand that is both highly functional and accessible on a global scale. Founded in 2017 by the former Bebionic designers, the visionary team has delivered a ground-breaking medical device that establishes a new level of quality, performance and the very latest technology. Our passionate team has over a decade of experience at the heart of prosthetic development and has had the privilege of engaging with hundreds of clinicians and users worldwide.

Our extensive research has given us a deep insight into the opportunities to improve prosthetics, not just in product design but also in user acceptance and mind-set. We set out with a mission to redefine what it means to have a prosthetic hand; we believe Nexus’ effective design will turn user apprehension and hesitation into excitement and pride. It is important for us to show we listen to our users’ invaluable feedback and we are thrilled that our new design, the Nexus Hand, exemplifies this true collaboration. If you’d like to register interest in working with COVVI and our myoelectric hand products, please complete the form below:

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