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PDAC and L-Codes

The L-Codes for the COVVI Hand are:

Code Description
L6880 Electric hand, switch or myoelectric controlled, independently articulating digits, any grasp pattern or combination of grasp patterns, includes motor(s)
L6621 Upper extremity prosthesis addition, flexion/extension wrist with or without friction, for use with external powered terminal device
L6895 Addition to upper extremity prosthesis, glove for terminal device, any material, custom
L6881 Automatic Grasp Feature, addition to upper limb electric prosthetic terminal device
L6882 Microprocessor control feature, addition to upper limb prosthetic terminal device
L6629 Upper extremity addition, quick disconnect lamination collar with coupling piece, otto bock or equal

What is PDAC?

PDAC, or the Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding, is the US contractor that maintains the Durable Medical Equipment Coding System (DMECS). DMECS is an official source for Medicare Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) product code verification and assignment.

Coding verification is a voluntary process (unless mandated by DME Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) policy) that allows manufacturers/distributors to request a coding decision on a DMEPOS item. It is the responsibility of the PDAC to review DMEPOS products to determine the appropriate HCPCS code for Medicare billing.

New L-Code L6895: The COVVI Glove

The COVVI Glove is made from silicone with a soft-touch coating and boasts thicker integrated fingertip pads, which improves the life of the glove. The index finger is also coated to allow the user to use touch screens, which many other prosthetic hands are still not compatible with, and in some cases require a wand to even type on a normal keyboard.

At every stage of design, we’ve thought about how prosthetics need to respond to modern day life, so we ensured that the COVVI Hand was not only compatible with these new technologies, but could actually be used to operate them at an acceptable level.

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PDAC and L-Codes