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COVVI Hand Video Preview

Following almost 3 years in design and development, we are immensely proud to see this footage from HangerLIVE showing a user successfully engaging with the COVVI Hand at the first attempt. This is undoubtedly a huge milestone for Team COVVI, seeing the device physically in operation and functioning effectively on a user really signifies an amazing area of our journey.

The COVVI Hand is going to be ground-breaking, a world leader in prosthetics. It will be manufactured at our UK Centre of Excellence in Leeds and our sister facility in San Antonio, Texas by an expert team who are ready to place COVVI on the global stage and showcase the incredible possibilities it has! It’s the beginning of a hugely exciting journey into production and launch, which we cannot wait to embark upon.

As we enter the production phase, we want to make our multi-articulated myoelectric hand accessible to as many people as possible!