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COVVI are new players to the bionic prosthetics game, established in 2017, but we have been extraordinarily focused to get where we are today. It will hopefully come as no surprise that isn’t the easiest thing to create a myoelectrically-powered multi-articulated device that surpasses, or at least matches, leading products within the industry. A lot has gone into ensuring that design, function, and all the long-term operational logistics of extensive use, repair and customer support are considered.

But how did this whole thing start? In August 2017, with a business plan in hand and financial facilitator Simon Pollard on board as partner (now Chairman at COVVI), Ted Varley set up shop with a few of his former colleagues who had all worked together in prosthetics. These guys, along with several others that later joined the COVVI team were responsible for designing and building the now internationally-acclaimed, award-winning Bebionic hand. They were tasked with using their understanding to develop an entirely new product from scratch to ensure no patent infringement would be incurred further down the line.

At the beginning, our team of mechanical design and electrical engineers embarked on a considerable phase of research, laying the groundwork upon which designs could be then constructed. This included investigating the flaws of previous and existing prosthetic devices, meeting and establishing relationships with an assortment of industry professionals throughout the product supply chain, and even choosing the right software to enable great and efficient design work – we ensured that all bases had been covered before we even uttered the phrase ‘3D printing’.

By January 2018, a full design concept had been established and from there, the fun but highly demanding stage of experimentation and work towards bringing the designs to life, could begin. Alongside this, COVVI, who wasn’t even officially named at this stage but operated under adopted placeholder ‘Objectiv-X’, started working with Elmwood in August 2018; a brand consultancy and design firm that is known and respected around the world for its clean and highly innovative brand transformation portfolio.

By February 2019 we had developed our first operational prototype which we took with us to the Hanger Educational Fair in Las Vegas.
By February 2019 we had developed our first operational prototype which we took with us to the Hanger Educational Fair in Las Vegas.

What Defines Us?

COVVI is a portmanteau of the Latin ‘Coperor’ and ‘Vita’, translating as ‘working together’ and ‘life’, respectively. The two ‘v’s represent multiple lives changed. In other words, COVVI was conceived to change many lives by working together – within our team and stakeholders, with clinicians worldwide, and with our users.

Our name was formulated with thought to reflect our single driving intention of working together, and with others, to change many lives. Along with the name came our Delta logo, which also has meaningful origins as a symbol of change and doing things differently. With these core elements of our brand established, our understated but powerful color palette and design guidelines naturally followed, and in turn guided the aesthetic finish of the Nexus Hand.

A New Horizon

Things all beautifully came together from there on in and we are now at a stage of assembly at base, and also of outreach: ensuring we leave no stone unturned in getting the COVVI name and vision initially out, and then kept at the forefront of the minds of our peers within the industry, of clinicians around the world and of course their patients whose lives we want to transform.

The COVVI story has only just begun, but within this initial design and development period, we are already about to start a new chapter. This is our history so far but the COVVI story is far from over, and we look to the future with optimism and determination.

Having such a switched-on team that are all devoted to their work and in what COVVI aim to achieve, who all work well with each-other and propagate a culture of honesty and openness, has ultimately had the most positive knock-on effect on our performance and end-product. It is a total cliché to say it but our Nexus Hand has been a labor of love from the moment of its conception, and every one of us is excited and humbled at the prospect of nurturing it. We will continue to develop and ensure we stay ahead of the curve in the bionic prosthetics industry – making waves is what we do here at COVVI.

"COVVI aims to deliver an award-winning product accompanied by a customer journey process that is second to none."
“COVVI aims to deliver an award-winning product accompanied by a customer journey process that is second to none.”
About Us

Our Mission Statement

COVVI is a design-led organization that has created a world-leading bionic hand that is both highly functional and accessible, endeavoring to reach as many users as possible on a global scale. Our visionary team have delivered our ground-breaking medical device, establishing a new level of quality and performance, and utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge design.

With over 75 years of combined experience in prosthetic design, product development, and customer service, COVVI aims to deliver an award-winning product accompanied by a customer journey process that is second to none.

About Us

Our Innovative Team

COVVI prides itself on having a team of highly qualified and dedicated individuals with a wealth of experience in prosthetic technology and product development. The strength of the brains behind the award-winning Bebionic hand parted with Steeper Group Ltd. upon the product’s acquisition by Ottobock in 2017 and decided to create something new. With reinvigorated vision and an abundance of fresh ideas, the COVVI team were born – in combining their various and manifest abilities, they have delivered a world-leading product with users and clinicians at its heart.

About Us

Image Gallery

We love sharing pictures of COVVI’s ongoing journey, of which the end-destination is transforming the lives of many. We believe that anything is possible and hope to demonstrate here how excited we are about the future as vision becomes a reality. That being said we delight in being able to share our story: with photographs, renders and graphics to show off COVVI’s major developmental milestones as well as the bits in between.

Keep refreshing our image gallery page for the latest progress updates – we are proud to be always working collaboratively towards supporting as many lives as possible, with the aim of changing them forever for the better.

About Us


COVVI is set to become a world leader in bionic prosthetic technology, and we are looking to continuously develop and grow as a global brand – that means we need people! Those wanting to make a difference, with a tangible zest for the most innovative of technology, championing high-quality functionality and accessibility need look no further.

Keep your eyes peeled on this page, or via our social media feeds for opportunities up for grabs. Together we can action real positive change to the many lives of upper-body prosthetic users.

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COVVI prides itself on putting people first, whether you’re a clinician or prospective partner, a current prosthetic user or an inquisitive individual with an upper-limb difference – even those simply curious about the technology (we don’t blame you), we are here for you!

You can find us via our social media channels managed by our highly responsive communications team, or if you have a specific query regarding:

  • Device repairs and support
  • Interest in becoming a COVVI ambassador
  • How to get a COVVI prosthetic device
  • Press enquiries

Have we sparked your curiosity? Get in touch with us via our contact page to find out more.