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NHS Funding For Multi-Grip Prosthetics

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Following an independent evidence review, NHS England has acknowledged that supporting evidence demonstrates the many benefits that myo-electric control multi-grip prosthetic hands can provide and has concluded that these prosthetics can now be made available through the NHS in England. We have summarised the process from the policy to help guide users step-by-step to enable eligible patients to be fitted with our award-winning COVVI Hand.

Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to enable us to put you in contact with a local clinician to demo our world-leading, multi-articulated hand. If you already have an existing relationship with a local clinic or prosthetist, it would be pertinent to seek their opinion on your suitability and potential ability to secure funding.

As a British company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we feel privileged to help amputees in England take advantage of the many benefits our hand has to offer. The business was founded in 2017 and set out on a mission to design and manufacture a myo-electric, multi-articulated hand that was accessible to as many people as possible around the world. Our visionary team has utilised premium materials and cutting-edge design to be able to deliver a ground-breaking medical device that establishes a new level of quality and performance. Our continued goal has always been to improve access to advanced prosthetics by making them available through nationalised health services, sich as the NHS.

We are here to help start your journey

Once you have read the official policy documentation, please complete this form below. If you have already spoken to your local clinic or prosthetist and sought their opinion on securing funding, then please let us know as it will speed up the process. Should you be unsure of how to contact your local clinic, please complete the form first and we can assist you with this. We will then reach out to you to offer any assistance or further information you require on the COVVI Hand. This offer extends to your local clinic or prosthetist – we will need to work with them directly during this process, which will be as follows:

  1. Initial Assessment: Your local clinic’s multi-disciplinary team (MDT) will assess your suitability and requirement for a multi-grip myo device. We will work with this team to ensure they have all the required knowledge to understand the positive impact the COVVI Hand can have.
  2. Referral To Training Programme: As one criterion requires 12 months of single-grip myoelectric or body-powered device use with a positive outcome recorded, you may be required to do this first. Upon completion, the same MDT will reconvene to review your progress and ensure a multi-grip device is still the most appropriate.
  3. Proceed To Trial: Once clear potential has been demonstrated with a single-grip myo device, trials will begin. This is when we work closest with the MDT – providing a trial device and assisting with setup if required. These trials include completing various outcome measures to ensure that you are getting the most out of the COVVI Hand.
  4. Provision Of The Device: Upon successful completion of trial and outcome measures, the application will be submitted to a national MDT for approval, after which you will receive your new COVVI Hand.

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Both COVVI and our UK partners are extremely well-positioned to support your journey and connect you to the relevant limb centre for the best possible care. We will also work with the clinician to provide the COVVI Hand, all the necessary accessories and the proper training to install and set up the device. Similar funding is available to residents within derivates of the NHS in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Please complete the form below to be contacted by our representatives with further information.