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Instructions For Use

Our Instructions For Use document is the perfect starting point for new users of the COVVI Hand, covering all the details on how to install the device, set up the COVVI Go App and configure the settings to meet the needs of each individual user.

User Guides Hub

Technical Manual

See all the key mechanical details and specifications to get you up and running with the COVVI Hand

User Guides Hub

Sales Brochure

Our useful A4 brochure showcasing the key features, selling points and functionality of the COVVI Hand

User Guides Hub

Therapy Guide

Our therapy guide demonstrates the optimal configurations for various activities carried out in daily living.

COVVI Glove Replacement Guide

At times the COVVI Hand will need to be returned to a clinician for basic maintenance, and the integrated outer glove and/or protective polymer covers may need to be replaced.

The glove and covers for the COVVI Hand should only be replaced by a certified professional who has received training and has the accompanying certification. This guide and video can be used for reference during this process.

User Guides Hub

COVVI Go Startup Guide

See our full guide on how to install and operate our COVVI Go App and utilise it to configure the user’s device

User Guides Hub

Electrode Fabrication Guide

Our comprehensive guide on how to prepare and install the electrodes into the user’s socket

User Guides Hub

Power Supply Guide

In-depth information and installation instructions for the batteries, charger and systems that power the hand

User Guides Hub

Coapt Startup Guide

Learn how Coapt Complete Control can be utilised for seamless pattern recognition with the COVVI Hand

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COVVI Clinicians have access to a more comprehensive ‘Portal’ area which has the full technical manual that comes packaged with the COVVI Hand and a Resource Centre filled with images, logos and other marketing material.

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