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Amber Ayala

Amber Ayala is a congenital amputee and a long-time supporter of COVVI and the work we do.

This is her journey with the COVVI Hand.

Amber Ayala, COVVI Advocate

One of the biggest challenges growing up that I had to overcome was being stared at. It really started to bother me as I made the transition from high school to college as I became more and more aware of what they were actually staring at and their thoughts about it. This reaction made me create thousands of scenarios of what they could be really thinking about me and I disliked the feeling immensely. I didn’t like knowing that some people felt bad for me because they saw me as someone who wasn’t capable of most things; when in fact I was actually very capable of figuring out a different way to achieve whatever I wanted to do.

From the beginning, I’ve considered myself as being unique; especially because I was raised by my grandparents instead of a traditional mother and father. I’ve always had to overexplain myself when meeting people for the first time; something that kids living in a more traditional setup haven’t had to experience.

Going through such experiences shaped me into the easygoing woman I am today. I found that it made me down to earth and encouraged me to care wildly for others so they didn’t have to feel any of the discomforts that I have in the past.

I always have and always will have such a strong, positive outlook on life. Even back then, I knew my capabilities, talents and potential; I never wanted to give up, I just wanted to carry on evolving to be a better version of myself.

This motivated me into accounting where, over the past seven years, I have grown enormously both personally and professionally. I have surrounded myself with highly motivated and intelligent friends who share a similar mindset to mine. I make sure to keep challenging myself in gyms and on hikes as I have such a powerful passion for nutrition and wellness.

Amber Ayala, COVVI Advocate
Amber Ayala, COVVI Advocate

I always saw prosthetics as the next step in my journey and it became a necessity that I had to explore for myself as I noticed that my body was changing. My left side wasn’t keeping up as it used to and when I researched it, I realized there was much more I could do if I had a prosthesis. Functioning easily within society was one of the doors that would be opened to me once I took the leap; something I value very highly.

After getting my COVVI Hand, I have grown so much more into the person I’ve always wanted to be. Being such an active person, I have already worked hard to practice moving my body correctly in the gym. This hand has, for the first time, helped me see the much bigger picture that I never knew existed. I’m now able to understand how I should be positioning my body, balance the weights, and overall I can now view myself more as a whole instead of fragmented.

Amber Ayala, COVVI Advocate

Her COVVI journey is only just beginning.