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Sarah de Lagarde

In September 2022, Sarah’s life was changed forever as she survived being run over by not one, but two different trains on her way home from work. 

This is the start of her journey with the COVVI Hand.

Sarah de Lagarde, COVVI Advocate

No one saw her when she lost her footing and fell through the gap between the train and the platform in the London Underground. In such a dangerous and distressing situation, Sarah didn’t panic and focused everything she had to hold on, determined to make it home to her children and husband.

Surviving such an ordeal has helped change her perspective on life, and Sarah even jokes that it cost her an arm and a leg (literally) in the process. After losing so much, many wouldn’t expect such a positive attitude toward life, but Sarah has always been a woman full of pride, strength and inner confidence. This incident wasn’t going to change that, and in fact, it only made her realize that “we don’t realize how strong we are until we have no choice. We are so much stronger than we think we are”.

When we first heard about Sarah’s accident, her strength and resilience touched the hearts of the whole team. We wasted no time in reaching out and offering to share her story, with the hope that together we could inspire others in similar situations.

COVVI CEO Simon Pollard met up with Sarah to discuss the process of being fitted with her very own COVVI Hand. Sarah was thrilled by what she saw and said that “it was fantastic to meet with COVVI and really get a feel for what will hopefully become my new hand. I was hugely impressed by the complexity and smartness of the technology, and I feel confident that it will restore some of the functionality I lost following my accident”.

Sarah de Lagarde, COVVI Advocate

Introducing Sarah De Lagarde and her story so far

Her COVVI journey is only just beginning.

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