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Sarah Herron

Internationally recognised as “Sarah Herron from The Bachelor”, she is better known today for her adventurous social media content as she navigates the world with one hand.

This is the start of her journey with the COVVI Hand.

Sarah Herron, COVVI Advocate

Sarah is an award-winning art director, and the founder of SheLift; a nonprofit that encourages young girls with disabilities to gain confidence in the outdoors. She has lived for 25 years without a prosthesis, but she is soon to be a mother, the value of having a second hand for everyday tasks like; pushing a stroller, buckling seat belts, holding bottles etc., is growing more important to her.

After previously using a myoelectric arm in 1997 and finding it cumbersome and frustrating to use, she learnt about the technological advancements that have been made in the field of prosthetics over the last 25 years. Now she is eager to explore the ways COVVI will revolutionise the limb different community, and wants to share that journey with her following in the United States.

Born and raised in Colorado, Sarah rose to fame after being featured in the 17th season of The Bachelor in 2013, but her journey since then has encompassed so much more, An art director, a mom-in-the-making, an adventure enthusiast, and a mental health advocate. Sarah shares her life in an emotionally honest, creative, and personal manner.

Sarah has been working with various organisations for over a decade, helping them to effectively impact their audiences and connect with their users. In 2017 she became the founder and executive director of the nonprofit, SheLift, which empowers women with physical differences to discover confidence and self-esteem through outdoor recreation and intentional sisterhood.

Sarah Herron, COVVI Advocate
Sarah Herron, COVVI Advocate

Introducing Sarah Herron and her story so far

Her COVVI journey is only just beginning.

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