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COVVI Remote Assist

This innovative feature allows our experienced team to provide real-time support to users and implement any software changes to any hand, anywhere.

This seamless and intuitive functionality is housed within the COVVI Go App and eliminates the need for users to go into the clinic for minor issues and updates; ultimately ensuring that time together can be used on more comprehensive support.

Remote Assist

How It Works

COVVI Remote Assist is built directly inside of the COVVI Go App, so all that’s required is a compatible iOS or Android device with the app installed and an internet connection. Once a call with a trained technician is arranged, the user will be able to establish a connection with our team. When they reach the COVVI Remote Assist screen, their status will change to ‘Connected’ and a session ID will be automatically generated.

A technician will then join the session everything will then happen remotely from the COVVI representative’s side, with a text summary of their actions and changes being displayed for the user, so they can see what’s happening in real-time.

How To Get Started

Opening COVVI Remote Assist
Go inside of the COVVI Go App (Make sure you have updated the app and are on version 1.2.6 or higher), and select the “Support” button in the top right of the screen. A modal will appear, and the user must select the “COVVI Remote Assist” option which will then take them to a new section in the app.

Connect To A Remote Session
Once the COVVI Remote Assist section of the app is open, the user will be connected to a trained technician and both statuses will change to ‘Connected’ in green to confirm that a session has been established.

Connect To A COVVI Hand
Once they have connected to a session, the user will then be able to leave their mobile device while the COVVI Technician makes the required changes. A text summary of the technician’s actions and changes is displayed for the user, so they can see what’s happening in real-time. Once this has been completed, they will be asked to do a few tests to ensure that everything is working as intended!

COVVI Go App: Download On Apple App Store | COVVI Ltd

COVVI Go App: Get It On Google Play Store | COVVI Ltd

Download Now for Free

You can download the app right now on both Apple and Android devices, which allows you to test out a few basic features using our ‘Virtual Hand’ mode. In order to unlock the full capabilities of the app, you’ll need to register for an account via the button below.