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Our mission has always been to make the world’s best bionic hand that is as accessible as possible to everyone around the globe. An important part of this goal is spreading awareness of the technology and its impact on the user’s day-to-day life.

Every journey is unique and we want to share as many of these as possible, to showcase the different ways our users utilise the COVVI Hand and embrace its capability to complement their hobbies and lifestyle. We hope that these stories help to any worries around seeking out a prosthetic limb and inspire those who would benefit from this technology to realise that anything is possible.

Since the COVVI Hand launched, we have been sharing the stories of advocates and users alike on our website’s news section and through our social media channels, but we’re always looking for inspiring individuals to help us on our mission. So if you’d like to share your journey with the COVVI Hand, then please complete the form below:

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